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Six Sigma Methodology at Verso: Measure

Verso Six Sigma article 10
Six Sigma Measure

In the preceding article, we provided an overview of the Measure phase, outlining the steps to be covered in this crucial stage. Now, we transition into a more in-depth exploration of the individual steps comprising the Measure phase.

Select  CTQ (Critical To Quality) Characteristic:

o   CTQ Drill Down Tree

o   Pareto

o   Fishbone

o   Process Mapping

o   FMEA

o   Quality Function Deployment

What does it entail to select a CTQ (Critical to Quality) characteristic?

The process involves identifying a specific process characteristic that will be the focal point of your project. If the CTQ identified in the Define phase is too broad for a single project, it becomes imperative to narrow the scope by concentrating on a particular factor that significantly influences the CTQ. The extent to which you drill down depends on the desired scope of your project, recognizing that each project is unique. By the conclusion of this step, the aim is to precisely identify the aspect of the product or service that will be measured for your project.

Why is the selection of a CTQ characteristic important?

The significance lies in effectively managing the scope of your project. By drilling down to a sub-process or sub-system, if necessary, you can maintain a connection to the high-level customer metric while simultaneously ensuring that the project scope remains manageable. This approach is crucial for aligning your project goals with customer expectations and optimizing the efficiency of your quality management or project management initiative.

CTQ Tools:

Process Mapping – improving efficiencies

Pareto – using the 80-20 rule

Fishbone – getting to the root cause

FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) – when the process is critical

Quality Function Deployment – when the customer “wants” are not well defined… “Diffused VOC”

CTQ Drill Down Tree – Alignment with the company’s key goals

Stay tuned for Article number 11 where we delve deeper into the Measure phase.

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