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Six Sigma Methodology at Verso Voice Of Customer

Verso Six Sigma Article 6

Voice Of Customer:

In our fifth article, we delved into the project selection criteria and how to avoid pitfalls. Now let’s delve into the Voice Of Customer (VOC). Always keep in mind that Six Sigma's primary goal is to adopt a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive one, by developing processes that yield fewer or ideally no defects.

Six Sigma VOC

Identifying the Customer:

Customer is anyone who receives the output of a process, for example, we have a call-handling process and the person receiving our services is the customer. There are two types of customers when we define a project:

Internal customers: People within the company such as agents, supervisors, managers, stakeholders, etc.

External customers: People outside of our organization, such as callers, clients, etc.

Voice Of Customer (VOC):

The "Voice of the Customer (VOC)" refers to the feedback collected from both internal and external customers to establish the requirements of a project outcome. This feedback is instrumental in comprehending customer expectations. Various tools are at our disposal to gather this crucial information:

External Customers:

·       Complaints

·       Surveys

·       Contact Monitoring

·       Cold Calls to collect feedback

Internal Customers:

·       Observation

·       Focus groups

·       Direct discussion

·       Identifying the likes and dislikes of the audience.

Effectively utilizing these tools ensures a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and expectations, laying a solid foundation for successful project outcomes.

Stay tuned for more on the Define Phase and more details on how DMAIC projects drive excellence at Verso. We encourage you to like and share your thoughts in the comments section; we value every comment and will respond as necessary.


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