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Six Sigma Methodology at Verso

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

In Article #3, we delved briefly into the statistical objectives of Six Sigma, emphasizing that it all begins with the idea of enhancing performance. In this article, we will expand upon the transformation of this idea into action through the creation of a Project Charter. Always keep in mind that Six Sigma's primary goal is to adopt a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive one, by developing processes that yield fewer or ideally no defects.

Project Charter:

Once we complete the Project Charter table below, we will have a clear understanding of what we want to address, who will be part of the team to work on the project, and what outcomes we should expect.

Examples of outcomes are:

· CSAT Improvement

· NPS Improvement

· Employee Satisfaction Improvement

· Revenue Generation

· Cost Avoidance

· Revenue Retention

· AHT Improvement

· ASA Improvement

· Hold Time Improvement

· … and more

Project Charter Template:

Six Sigma Project Charter

Stay tuned for more on the Define Phase and more details on how DMAIC projects drive excellence at Verso. We encourage you to like and share your thoughts in the comments section; we value every comment and will respond as necessary.


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