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Six Sigma Methodology at Verso: Measure

Verso Six Sigma

In the previous eight articles, we delved into the Define phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC approach at a high level. Having successfully outlined and defined the problem within a given process, we are now transitioning our focus to the Measure phase. This marks a pivotal point in our exploration, where we begin to discuss the intricacies of measuring and assessing various aspects of the identified issue.

In the Measure phase, we concentrate on selecting specific product characteristics for measurement, establishing measurement methods, planning the data collection process, and executing the actual data gathering. This critical phase ensures the acquisition of accurate and relevant data, serving as a cornerstone in the subsequent stages of the process improvement or product development lifecycle. The precision and thoroughness in defining measurement criteria and implementing a well-thought-out data collection plan are indispensable elements in guaranteeing the success of the overall quality management or project management initiative.

Paramount to our objectives, this phase guarantees the collection of precise and dependable data crucial for measuring current process performance and identifying all influencing factors. The accuracy of our data analysis and subsequent decisions for process improvements directly hinges on the thoroughness and reliability of the data gathered in this crucial stage. Ultimately, the success of our efforts to enhance processes is contingent upon the quality of the data acquired during this pivotal phase.

Steps in the Measure Phase:

Select  CTQ (Critical To Quality) Characteristic

o   CTQ Drill Down Tree

o   Pareto

o   Fishbone

o   Process Mapping

o   FMEA

o   Quality Function Deployment

Define Performance Standards:

o   Operational Definition

o   Unit / Opportunity

o   Target

o   Specification Limits

o   Defect / Defectives

o   DPU / DPMO

Develop Data Collection Plan, Measurement System Analyze,  Collect Data

o   Data Collection Plan

o   Discrete Vs. Continuous data

o   Sampling

o   Measurement System Analysis

Stay tuned for Article number 10 where we delve deeper into the Measure phase.

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