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Six Sigma Methodology at Verso Process Map

Verso Six Sigma Article 8

In our seventh article, we explored Critical To Quality (CTQ) and the translation of the Voice Of Customer (VOC) to establish a clear CTQ for addressing issues. Now, let’s delve into the Process Map as the final step in the Define phase. It's crucial to bear in mind that Six Sigma's primary objective is adopting a proactive approach, emphasizing the development of processes that generate fewer, ideally no defects, rather than reacting to issues.

Process Map:

In the Define phase, a process map establishes a high-level connection between the customer and the process, aiding in the identification of key requirements. The components encompassed by a Process Map are:

•         Customer’s Requirements

•         Outputs

•         Process

•         Inputs

•         Suppliers

This structured representation facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the interactions and dependencies within the defined process, known as COPIS.

COPIS maps the interaction between the customer and the process by defining customer requirements and outlining the steps taken to deliver the desired output. It places the process and customer in perspective, illustrating process flow, highlighting boundaries, and showcasing interdependencies.

Thought Process

Process Map

Process Flow

COPIS components include:

Customer: Recipient of the process output.

Output: Anything produced for the customer (internal or external). Outcome of the process.

Process: Group of activities required to transform inputs into customer-desired output

Input: Material or knowledge required to produce the desired output

Supplier: Source that supplies the input (such as Agent)

This article brings the Define phase to a close at a high level. Our next article will delve into the Measure phase.

Define Diagram Six Sigma

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