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Six Sigma Methodology at Verso: Project Selection

Verso Six Sigma

Project Selection:

In our fourth article, we delved into the initiation of a project and the articulation of its purpose through the Project Charter. This article takes a deeper dive into the criteria for selecting projects, highlights common pitfalls, and provides insights on how to steer clear of them. Always keep in mind that Six Sigma's primary goal is to adopt a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive one, by developing processes that yield fewer or ideally no defects.

Project Selection Criteria:

Outlined below are the key success factors for project selection:

·       Manageable Project Scope: Ensure that the project's scope is realistically manageable.

·       Identifiable Defects: The project should involve defects that can be clearly identified.

·       Impact on Process/Outcome: Assess whether the project has a meaningful impact on the overall process or outcome.

·       Stakeholder Alignment: Confirm that stakeholders are aligned with the objectives of the project.

Common Project Pitfalls:

·       Duplication of Completed Projects: Avoid replicating projects that have already been successfully completed.

·       Insufficient Resources: Ensure that there are enough resources to successfully complete the project.

·       Loss of Momentum Due to Project Duration: Guard against extended project timelines leading to a loss of team momentum.

·       Addressing Easy Defects Instead of Critical Ones: Be cautious not to focus on easily fixable defects at the expense of critical issues.

Avoiding Pitfalls:

·       Dedicated Project Team: Form a dedicated team committed to the project, willing to allocate sufficient time for meaningful contributions.

·       Milestone Setup: Establish project milestones to motivate the team upon their achievement.

·       Thorough Research: Conduct thorough internal and/or external research before initiating the project. Ensure that the project is not duplicating efforts already completed in a different project.

Stay tuned for more on the Define phase and more details on how DMAIC projects drive excellence at Verso. We encourage you to like and share your thoughts in the comments section; we value every comment and will respond as necessary.


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